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Foodie-licious Links

Here are some of the hottest food websites on the internet - in my opinion.

Foodē - Gourmet for the rest of us. This unique farm-to-table restaurant elevates Southern cuisine to New American food art. Delicious, always fresh and exciting with a daily changing menu.

What the Flicka - a great website for recipes, drinks, parenting tips and girl-talk. Safe for snarkaholics.

Saveur Magazine - online. This food magazine takes culinary arts to a new place. Wonderful, thought provoking articles accompany amazing recipes. A constant source of cooking inspiration!

Polyface Farms, Inc. Owner Joel Salatin, featured in Michael Pollan's novel, The Omnivore's Dilemma, practices sustainable farming and stewardship of the land. Polyface believes it is just as important to work in harmony with nature as it is to eat from it.


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