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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The 2012 Build a Better Burger Challenge - and a Little Girl's Dream

I guess I lied. I'm not a little girl by any stretch of the imagination. But I do have a dream. That dream is to submit the winning beef burger recipe to the Sutter Home Wine's Build a Better Burger Challenge. (Click the link to visit their website and learn more about the competition.) I've entered three times, and not once have I made it to the coveted stage of finalists in Napa Valley California.

But I know why.

My recipes weren't winners. One entry, formerly titled "Tropical Mango Gouda Bacon Burger"  later changed its name to "Loser Burger" (click the link to read the 2009 post on the delicious loss.) These aren't bad burgers, but they aren't wow burgers either.

I'm restless as the entry date nears. I pull the sheets off my husband at night, kick and sweat while dreaming of the possibility that I may win. Me. The winner.

I have learned the language of burgerese and while I may not be fluent - I find my bilingual approach may inspire a new slang in the world of hamburguesas. Oye como grill marks.

In roughly two weeks I will be inviting a panel of select eaters to my home to test the burger recipes I concoct. The winning recipe will be refined and remade several more times before I click "send" and wait for word of my status in the patty world.

Pictures, updates and mistakes to come. Stay tuned.


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