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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Like Sex

"When I eat, my dreams become reality. When I eat, happiness is mine." ~ Anonymous

I watched as Anthony Bourdain, in Chile, gorged on a footlong Chilean hotdog. His eyes squeezed tightly closed, his mouth a wide open door for the hotdog to walk through, the primal grunts of a truly happy human, all signs of guttural enjoyment. And the only thought that I had, "That looks like good sex."

Good food is like good sex. We moan, we sigh, we indulge, even when we aren't supposed to. Food and sex are of the few things in life that all healthy humans share a desire for. And like the best lay, we seek out the best taste, that once in a lifetime bite that sends us into a tailspin trying to retrace its salivary steps. Think about it. When's the last time you sunk your teeth into something so good, so damned delicious, that you entered "the zone," that place where we forget life's problems and worries and just enjoy the tasty moment? What's that food that causes you to stop in your tracks and reminisce on flavors of old? You know it's there, you have it in your mind. It could have been your mom's famous stew, your dad's delicately smoked bbq, your grandmother's spicy chutney, your cousin's tamales. Whatever the meal, whatever the ingredients, you come undone. Like sex.

If you're a foodie, that moment is a high, a sensation above all others that keeps you titillated and aroused. It's not just a momentary joy, it's a lifetime of desire. What makes good food? Is it the attachment to memories? Is it the neuroreceptors that tell our brains, "yes, good, more!"? Is it our culture that mandates what we like, and how we like it? Frankly, it's all of these things and more. Like sex.


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