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Monday, March 15, 2010

Life-Affirming Big-Mac

Could it be possible to quell your vice for fast food with an organic-local-sustainable equivelant? The discussion was hot and heavy today between me and my "McDonalds is my God" son. His vice? A steamy, greasy Big Mac. My question? Can we remake the B-Mac into something even I wouldn't mind feeding him? So, our next challenge is to see if we can take a beloved icon of a sandwich and turn it on its heels by incorporating as many local/organic ingredients into it as possible. Will it taste the same? Who knows, but I'm thinking it will feel a helluva lot better going down than the other version.

Big Mac- O.G. Style

1 lb local, grass-fed ground chuck (going to try and obtain this from North Shore Cattle company)
4 whole wheat, organic buns (I dont know of any local organic bakeries, but I can substitute Rudy's® Organic bread products)
Lettuce & Onions from 'Nalo Farms (they have the best!)
Eggs (for the mayo) from Ka Lei Eggs in Kahala
Lemon (for the mayo!) - will grab @ the Farmer's Market
Organic olive oil (Mario®) - again for the mayo
Organic cheddar cheese - preferrably from grass fed cows if possible.
Ketchup - (ok, not sure what to do here. I will look for organic canned tomatoes in puree, but right now all I know about are organic canned tomatoes in juice, which wont make a good ketchup.)
Hawaiian Salt, Peppercorns

I think that about covers it. Once we round up the ingredients, (no pun intended) we will make the alternate version of the Big Mac. I think we'll call it "Organic Mac." My son tells me that to be truly fair, we must also buy a McDonald's Big Mac and compare the taste of each. I'm still debating this part of the challenge. I will post pictures and results soon!


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