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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crushing Defeat - Practice Makes Perfect?

It's March 1st. March 1st in blogosphere terms means, forever, since I've been here. In fact, its been almost half a year since I romanced the keys. I owe you all an explanation.

Early September was what did us in. My family suffered a blow, with my oldest son being hospitalized for over a month. It was an emotional time, and between visits to the hospital and trying to keep my family together, fast food became our shameful saving grace. It started with McDonalds and went downhill from there. Not long after my son was released, healthy and ready to start back where he'd left off, my loving husband left for Afghanistan. He's still there today, fighting an ugly war and an uglier enemy. If I told you I've gotten back on the wagon I'd be lying. I just got home from Subway.

Does this mean my challenge is impossible? Maybe, but I don't believe it yet. I do believe, deep down in side, there is need in our country to rediscover what home cooking is all about. I believe real food, not by products and fillers, need to reestablish their reign in our stomachs and that the advent of fast food has led to a nation of slow learners.

Thanks to Ethan, Anonymous and the rest of you who have stopped by and found my journey a little interesting. It's for you, dear reader (dreader?) that I'm here tonight.

I'm still cooking, and while I may have fallen from grace, I'd still like to stumble forward. Who's with me?



Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, sorry you had so much bad luck for awhile

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