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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sexy Food

There are some foods that I cannot avoid. They are lucious, they are sinful, fatty and rich and so damn good. At night, when my husband's warm body is pressed to mine, I am filling my head with dirty thoughts. Thoughts of chocolate ganache running down my tongue, the melting meaty taste of steak au poivre filling me with ecstacy and breathless gorge of a buttery toasted bread piled high with gooey French cheese. I am a bad girl.

Sexy food uses all of our senses. The sound of it sizzling on a hot pan, the steam escaping its withering body delicately caressing our skin. The way it seduces us on the plate with its naughty smile, beckoning us to dive in, the baby smooth to firm and deep textures in our mouths to the taste that signals "yes, yes, yes!" to our brains. It shares this amazing ability with one other carnal desire --sex.

Sexy food doesn't have to be elegant. Some of us like it rough, a textural warehouse of sensations. Crisp asparagus with creamy feta and sweet, slightly tart balsamic vinegar. Crunchy popcorn with smooth caramel and salty peanuts. Grilled cheese with crisp bacon.

Sexy food doesn't have to be cooked or even prepared. Ripe mangosteen when cut mirrors the soft inner flesh of a woman. The bitter pungency of arugula tickles your tongue and heats your body. Even powdered sugar can be sexy.

So to continue my food-lust I decided to list some of my all-time favorite sexy foods. The fun being that what's sexy to one may be different for another. Feel free to add your own favorites, and don't be shy --even if you are still a food-virgin.

Sexy Foods:

Cioppino (A rich seafood stew with a spicy wine and tomato broth) served with toasted crusty french bread - great with a glass of cabernet or merlot.
Kabob, because eating meat off a stick is always sexy.
Roasted chicken with roasted root vegetables. There is something carnal and lusty about roasting foods that can only be expressed with grunting and sighing.
Pizza (thin crust, of course). Don't question me. I'll whip you.
Ice cream - I'm not even going to explain why licking ice cream off a spoon out of a pint container is such a turn-on.
Cheese - preferably the gooey, runny kind that have unusual smells. Serve with sliced dried meats, toasted breads, and wine.

And I'll have to stop here. I've reached my sexy-food limit and must call my sponsor before I relapse into non-stop-sexy-food-indulgence.


KMF said...

You write so, so well--I mean, to the point where it's kind of clear that you need to write somehow as your career. (Seriously, you must know this too, right?).
Each sentence so perfectly crafted, playful, with such command of the language. I'm hooked!

Anonymous said...

boston creme pie or doughnuts. The smooth, creamy center feels like you've discovered a hidden naughty place.
Hot fudge--- on anything. Silky and warm.

B. Salazar said...

kmf- thank you for the wonderful compliment! I am so thrilled even one person is taking the time to read it. I'll keep typing and hopefully you'll keep reading and we'll see what comes of it!

Michelle- we are so stopping for donuts tomorrow. Thanks, thanks a lot. And no
one likes a tease (you still owe me that penny!)

Anonymous said...

I feel cheated- we didn't get any doughnuts!

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