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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

People Think We're Weird

Last night, all eyes were on me, for about five minutes, mouths were hanging open, and confused faces were pointed in my direction.

"What? No restaurants? At all?"
"Man, that sucks."
"You're weird."

I was at a pot-luck dinner held quarterly by the Boyscouts, an event known as "Court of Honor" where the Boyscouts are promoted, awarded and praised in front of their peers and loved ones. Enjoying a meal I hadn't cooked, (but was homecooked all the same) I moaned, "Oh this is nice."

That's where it all went down.

Someone asked if I don't eat a lot of fried chicken, and from there I started explaining that I don't cook a lot of typical "American" foods and that since we can't eat out for a year, no. I had to open my big fat fried chicken mouth.

"What do you mean, a year?" she said.

"Well, so, the typical American family eats out at restaurants and fast food establishments more than ever. We're in the convenience food trend, and I wanted to see if it would be possible to not eat out for an entire year." I went on to explain the rules of our challenge, and that's when I was assualted with the comments above. Someone even taunted me with a Subway sandwich. As if.

So why you, dear readers, have remained supportive, if not down right encouraging to our venture, it seems as if to the general population, our experiment in home-based eating is neither inspirational or desirable. It's just plain weird.

Humph! I'll show them, and their little Mcnuggets too.


Anonymous said...

How is it going? Still staying out of restaurants?

Ethan said...

SOrry to see it looks like this blog is dead. It was an interesting one. Will miss it.

B. Salazar said...

Anonymous and Ethan, I'm going for round two - Thanks for your support!

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