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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Did We...Cheat?

I woke up this morning in a bit of a panic. Yesterday flashed before my eyes. Shredded pork, two scoops of rice, salad with ranch dressing, slices of greasy pizza...Oh My God. It wasn't a dream. I ate food from a vendor, food that, gasp, I didn't make at home.

Yesterday my sons and I went to an annual event at the Marine Corps base called Bayfest. It's basically a carnival with a major headline band performing at night. The band ended up being The Black Eyed Peas. So the whole base was pretty stoked about it. There was a catch, once you go in, and have your ticket scanned, you cannot leave. Well you can, but you lose your wristband and will have to repay full price for the concert. So, once we were in, we were in. Also, they didn't allow food to be brought it. They did a bag search for all patrons and we were stuck inside the carnival for eleven hours at the mercy of the vendors selling deep fried, greasy, reheated goodies.

So we ate. We ate and we ate. I even bought a deep fried twinkie. Don't ask me why. I abhor the whole idea of a twinkie, but the sound of "deep fried twinkie" took on a somewhat delicious ring in my ears and my mouth was eager to try it. It wasn't that bad, but it also wasn't that good either. Not worth the $4.00 for one greasy, powdered sugar coated snack cake. So, yesterday, for some unknown reason, I didn't think twice about what I was shoveling into my mouth. It wasnt until this morning when I realized, my sons and I may have just incurred strike one on our Restaurant/Fast-Food Sabbatical.

I will leave it up to you readers, let me know: Did we cheat? If the concensus is yes, then $70 will be deducted from our vacation fund and my children and I will incur the wrath of one strike against us for the year. (Remember, we only get 3 and after the 3rd - we lose out on New York, New York for the end-of-the-road celebration.)

I'm nervously awaiting your decision...And remember, if you live nearby, I can cook a delicious chicken-pot-pie. So be nice. (I think I may have just commited bribery.)


CHRISTY said...

I don't consider that cheating... if you kept your children in the fair for 11 hours for family fun (where they specifically outlawed all outside food and drinks) and DIDN'T feed and hydrate yourselves I would have thought that was downright abusive!!!

So... NO!! It wasn't YOUR choice... it was BayFest's choice!!! You are free and clear!! Good job, Mom!!! The kids had a blast and will remember it forever! Can't ask more than that from a parent!

Coincedentally, MY kids and I had a great time too and that ALSO had something to do with you!! :o) XO♥

KurlyButler said...

I concur...I don't think it's cheating if there is no other option. ;o) Good luck on your continuing adventure for the year!

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